Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية


Posted on: Dec 14, 2016

Omani Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) launched the activities of the Annual Forum for Functional Orientation and Scientific Research on Wednesday 14 December, 2016 at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, where 47 medical researches and scientific posters competed. In addition, an exhibition was held to display the different specialties’ training courses alongside the activities of a number of OMSB’s academic sections such as Medical Simulation Center and a group of medical and health institutions, which have integral and common objectives with OMSB.

The forum aims at encouraging Omani doctors at the Board to compete with each other in delivering the best medical research. Through such competitions scientific investigation and research skills could be developed and doctors will provide further care and dedication to apply scientific research methods. The Participating Omani doctors will have the opportunity to publish their medical research in recognized refereed research journals to maintain prevalence of medical research in the Sultanate. In addition, such a forum enables Omani doctors to be creative and innovative. Finally, the activity allows the Omani doctor to detect and solve by himself the problems arising in his own environment.