Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية


Posted on: Apr 30, 2017

OMSB Executive Board held a meeting on Thursday 27 April 2017 at OMSB headquarters. The meeting was chaired by his Excellency H. E. Dr. Hilal Al Sabti, Executive President of OMSB and attended by board members.

The meeting included the approval of First Meeting of Executive Board, and follow up on previous decisions and action plans. The meeting also included reviewing of Executive Academic Bylaws such as: definitions of some terminology used in the academic affairs, terminology that concern organizational purposes, items concerning training programs and education committees, and training affairs. It also discussed the requirements of accreditation of training centers and programs.

The Members of the Board discussed the applicant for 2017-2018 for Residency and Fellowship training abroad, and proposals for new training programs. This comes after a thorough study conducted by experts that surveyed the geographical needs of specialties. Introducing these programs requires extensive effort to set up training centers and equip them with facilities and qualified medical trainers.

Other topic discussed in the meeting is Ways to Improve Trainer’s Response to Evaluations & Feedback for Residents, and other topics.