Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية


Posted on: Nov 05, 2020

The Oman Medical Specialty Board launches on Wednesday, November 4, 2020, the National E-learning Platform for Health “Tebyan” in line with the Sultanate’s celebrations of the fiftieth national day. The Ceremony is under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Saeedi - Minister of Health - Chairman of the Board of Trustees, with the presence of His Excellency Dr. Hilal bin Ali Al-Sabti – Executive President of the Oman Medical Specialty Board, in the Ibn Omairah Hall at the Board’s Headquarter.


The launch of the E-learning Platform comes in recognition of the Oman Medical Specialty Board of the importance of continuing the educational process in the field of medical education and its role in qualifying and preparing medical personnel, and the right of health sector to receive education and its developments by using the latest electronic technologies anywhere and anytime, from credible sources.





The program

The program will start with a welcome speech by H.E. Dr. Hilal Al Sabti, followed by a visual presentation of the Platform branding and presentations of the launching of the Platform and its features.


The educational platform aims to contribute to the process of remote medical education and training for resident doctors of the Board, doctors from outside the Board and other medical groups working in the health sector. This is done through lectures and integrated training courses available on the platform in the remote learning management system. It also aims to improve the educational process for Ministry of Heath staff in the Sultanate, enhancing the educational experience through attractive and innovative means, contributing to health awareness for the community, and partnering with the relevant authorities to develop and update innovative medical education methods. Through this platform, doctors and health practitioners can access various educational resources and complete training activities and practical exercises in an interactive and interesting way.

The educational platform of the Board is distinguished by being an integrated platform that serves workers in the health sector in general, and operates with an electronic learning system that saves time and effort for the learner so that he can finish the activities related to the training course at any place and time. At the end of the training course, the participant receives an electronic certificate approved by the Oman Medical Specialty Board.

Through the educational platform, doctors can enroll in new training courses based on the requirements of the resident physician category, such as scientific research methodology, communication skills,  and infection prevention and control, as these training courses have been converted to either fully electronic or blended where the learner must finish the theoretical part of the course electronically before enrolling in practical training that takes place usually at the Medical Simulation and Skills Development Center of the Oman Medical Specialty Board.


 During the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), the educational platform was used to hold events that require the attendance of a large number of participants. The induction programs for new doctors enrolled in the Oman Medical Specialty Board for the year 2020 were presented through the platform, as well as a number of other events and activities related to medical education.

This educational experience allowed the trainers and trainees to keep abreast of the current developments in the field of integrated medical education, and contributed to the continuation of medical education, training and educational events in crises and disasters such as the current Coronavirus pandemic, in order to achieve preventive measures and to ensure the safety of health practitioners.


The Board approved the electronic educational platform project in mid-2018, as one of the projects of the Board’s strategic plan 2040, and work on the project began at an accelerated pace. This educational platform is being developed and managed by a national team which is 100% from the Oman Medical Specialty Board staff, and with the help of specialized Omani staff from various Hospitals, to prepare educational courses according to international standards using precise educational methods and assessment tools.


The Skills Development Department manages the electronic learning platform to provide lessons and courses online, and continues its efforts in designing and developing work to provide it in a sustainable manner, due to the importance of the e-learning system in saving time and effort for the trainee and the trainer so that they can finish the activities related to the training course at any place and time via computers or any device, tablet or smartphone, and it allows them to retain educational materials even after the lectures, to be a future reference for them.


The Board is keen to continue social responsibility, by providing an educational platform for all health personnel working in the Sultanate both in the government and private sectors, and seeks to provide lessons and special courses for the community to spread awareness of various health information and practices, which is a main support of medical education and public health.