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    Residents Accepted to Join Oman Medical Specialties to Be Announced Soon.

Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) interviewed 235 doctors applying to join the specialties offered by OMSB. H.E. Dr. Abdullah Al-Futaisi, Executive President, stated that 235 doctors out of 300 passed the OMSB Entrance Exam for the academic year 2012/2013. The results of the interviews will be announced soon.Oman Medical Specialties Board offers 18 different specialties, being the authority in charge of training Omani residents. Upon passing the Exam and the interview, the doctor will become an OMSB Resident for 4 to 6 years and will be trained and rotated in all major hospitals in the Sultanate. The training includes daily clinical training, workshops and seminars specific for each specialty, in addition to training in the Medical Simulation Center. The Board also trains the residents in social issues such as patient-doctor communication and code of ethics.In addition to training in Oman, OMSB nominates some of its residents for training abroad, as OMSB collaborates with prestigious institutions from all around the world to train Omani doctors. Therefore, best residents are nominated to be trained in countries such as Canada, UK, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, KSA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.OMSB Residents sit for a written exam in addition to a clinical exam at the end of each academic year. Upon completion of training, residents are awarded with a Completion of Training Certificate.