Vision of the section
To become well trained quality staff striving to become leaders in service delivery through teamwork and cooperation.

Mission of the section:
     a) Apply professional values and ethics in dealing with Training Program faculty.
     b) Apply critical thinking to inform and communicate professional judgment regarding Scientific Committee issues.
   c) Apply knowledge of human behavior and the social environment to work with individuals, groups, families, organizations, and communities, and respond to changing social contexts that impact practice.

Goals & Objectives of the Section:

*To establish the Scientific Committee Section  as a Department

         a) To communicate with personnel Affairs Department for possibility of changing the Scientific Section to a department.
         b) To coordinate with legal department to give the legal technicalities of the structure.
         c)  To facilitate the Qarar if the approval is obtained.
* To improve the Scientific Committee Section's effeciency with regards to services delivery
a) To make a timeline or deadline of any issues in the Scientific Committee Section.
          b) To make a specific staff of Scientific Committee Section for follow- up an issue in the Section.
C)  To create a daily task system.

Contact Persons:

Dr. Salma Al Mawali
Head of Scientific Committee Section
Email: Dr.
Office Number: + 96824181153

Awatif Al Harthi
Acting Head of Scientific Committee
Office Number:+96824181017

Catherine G. Espinas- Berber
Medical Program Executive
Office Number:+96824181023

Eloiza P. Villa Fuerte
Medical Program Executive 
Office Number: +96824181032

Badriya Al Ghannami
Scientific Committee Specilist
Office Number: +96824181021

Hamda Al Rahbi
Scientific Committee Specilist
Office Number: +96824181040

Hajer Al Kalbani
Scientific Committee Specilidt
Office Number: +96824181152

Safa Al Hinai
Scientific Committee Specilist
Office Number: +96824181165

Office Address:
Scientific Comittee Section
5th Floor, Oman Medical Specilaity Board
P.O. Box:1422,postal code:132, Al Khoudh, Sultante of Oman