Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية

Academic Affairs

Biopsychosocial Assessment

Providing Biopsychosocial assessments for OMSB Trainees in difficulty and where appropriate, ongoing support

a.       These assessments will be provided on a one-to-one basis.

b.       Assessments will be provided for trainees who:-

·         Self-refer

·         Are referred by a Chairman / Program Director of the Education Committee due to concerns related to a Trainee’s academic or non-academic performance.

·         Are on probation and/or a remedial program.

c.       An assessment interview will consider the individual Trainee’s issues and needs. It will assess how biopsychosocial issues are impacting on their academic and non-academic performance.

d.      Following the initial assessment, a decision will be made, together with the trainee, regarding further management.

Academic Performance Support

Support for Academic and Work Performance Difficulties

Listed below are the general areas covered by the term “Performance difficulties in residency training”:-

a)      Attitude and behaviour issues.

This is a broad area and includes, but is not limited to,

·         Anger

·         Impulsive and erratic behaviour

·          Recurrent absenteeism

·          Lack of confidence

·         Difficulty dealing with conflict in the workplace

·         Poor professional attitudes and behaviours


b)      Communication difficulties

·         Finding it difficult to work in a team

·         Communication difficulties with staff and/or patients and/or carers.

·         Failure to answer calls at work

·         Not being available to do work when at work.


c)      Clinical performance difficulties

·         Clinical mistakes

·         Critical incidents

·         Lack of knowledge

·         Lack of skills


d)      Unsatisfactory Progress in meeting training expectations

·         Poor organisational skills

·         Difficulty dealing with prioritisation

·         Exam failure

·         Poor record keeping

·         Difficulty meeting deadlines

·         Poor leadership

·         Case note inadequacy


e)      Exam failure

f)       Health and disability issues

·         Frequent sick leave

·         Over and under motivation

·         Change of physical appearance

As seen above, the term, “Performance Difficulty”, is very broad. Trainees may encounter one or more of these throughout the course of their training. There is no limit to the number of times that a Trainee may attend the Performance and Wellness Section.


After an initial assessment at the Performance and Wellness Section, a Management plan is developed to address the issues that were uncovered during the assessment.

Frequently, Counselling is an important part of the management plan.

Counselling can be provided free of charge on an appointment basis through the Performance and Wellness Section.

Often only two to three sessions are required.

The frequency of sessions and the total duration of the counselling depends on individual needs and on the underlying problem. This will be decided upon between the trainee and the Counsellor.


Educational Activities

Providing Education on topics aimed at maximizing a Trainee’s performance and biopsychosocial wellbeing

a.       Educational activities will be provided for OMSB Trainees and for all medical staff that are directly involved in OMSB trainee training.

b.      Education will be provided through

·         Workshops

·         Lectures

·         A resource library.

·         A staff member of the Performance and Wellness Section will attend Eduction Committee meetings or Progress Subcommittee meetings, as required, to provide assistance.

Career Support

Providing career support and guidance

a.       Career support and guidance will be provided for Trainees that are considering leaving an OMSB Training program

b.      Career support and guidance will be provided to Trainees considering or requesting a transfer from one OMSB training program to another program.

c.       Career support and guidance will be provided for Trainee’s considering further study overseas.

d.      Career support and guidance will be provided for Trainees disillusioned or concerned about their career choice.