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المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية

About omsb

About Us

We help Omani Physicians and Surgeons to become more qualified and skilled.

Create a broad international horizon for training Omani Physicians and Surgeons

1. Provide information about postgraduate programs and training requirements in different countries
2. Assist Omani doctors in their application process for training abroad
3. Follow up the progress and evaluation reports of Omani residents training in foreign institutions
4. Coordinate with Cultural Attaches of Omani embassies in countries where Omani residents are training

Application Guide

General Requirements:

1)  Application is open for all Omani doctors in different healthcare institutions.
2)  The program applied for must be clinical only.
3)  The program applied for must be accredited in the countries selected by the applicant for scholarships.
4)  Applications are only open for the following English-speaking countries (Canada, USA, New Zealand, UK, Australia and Ireland), in addition to France.
5)  The list of programs is available in the online application system webpage mentioned below.
6)  All applicants, the programs and the countries applied for will be processed by the Higher National Committee for Advanced Medical Training (supervised by OMSB) in line with healthcare needs of Oman.
7)  Applicants are prioritized according to the list provided by their employers and according to the review of the Higher National Committee for Advanced Medical Training.
8)  Priority is given to the programs that are not available in OMSB.
9)  Any approval given by OMSB to the applicants will be deemed provisional. Final approval is only given after the Committee reviews the offer along with the curriculum of the program that the applicant will receive from abroad. The final approval is also subject to the availability of funds.
10) The Applicant must submit three recommendation letters by Consultants (not older than 18 months.)
11) The Applicant must submit a No-Objection Letter (not older than six months) which is issued by the Directorate General that the doctor is employed by.
12) The applicant should obtain the language test score as required by the university/country of interest. The language test certificate can be provided later upon receiving the provisional approval from OMSB.

Requirements for Applying for Residency Programs Abroad:

1)  The application for residency abroad must take place during the following periods:
-  For OMSB residents:
  ·  Within the first or second academic year (for programs that run for 5 years or longer).
  ·  Within the first academic year (for programs that run for 4 years).
-  For non-OMSB doctors: during or after completion of Internship.
2)  Doctors willing to apply for residency in France must apply once announced through the French Embassy (Muscat) webpage: . This is in addition to submitting their complete applications to OMSB as explained below.  Priority in France is given to Neurology, Neurosurgery and Urology provided that the applicant should have obtained the level "A1" in French Language.

Requirements for Applying for Fellowship (sub-specialty) abroad:

1)  The applicant must have completed a residency program and obtained "Completion of Training Certificate" and "Specialty Certificate" from Oman Medical Specialty Board or equivalent abroad.

How to Apply:

Apply online on the OMSB Services Webpage:
 and click on the following:
Online Application for Residency/Fellowship Abroad.

Application is open from 15 January to 8 February 2018

For inquiries, please contact the team of Scholarship Affairs Section at Oman Medical Specialty Board:
24181156 – 24181047- 24181012- 24181106

How to Apply


PhD in Oncology Research

Please click HERE to view the Announcement.

Submission of application starts on 12 August. Deadline is on 30 August.

To apply, please download the form:

Oncology Programs (PhD)

Fill out the Form, then send it along with the required documents to the following email:


Neurology Project

Please click HERE to view the Announcement.

Application starts on 21 May and ends on 2 June 2018. 

To apply, please download the appropriate Form:
Residency Form
Fellowship Form

Fill out the Form, then send it along with the required documents to the following email:


Other Announcemets

2) Announcement for Residency/Fellowship Abroad for 2019/2020 

Click Here (application starts 15 January and ends 8 February 2018)

Apply online on the OMSB Services Webpage:

and click on the following: Online Application for Residency/Fellowship Abroad.

- For Technical inquiries about the Online Application system, please contact :
​​- For inquiries related to scholarships and requirements, please contact :


3) Fellowship Training Opportinities in University of Wolverhampton
Applicantion starts 17 December 2017 and ends 14 February 2018.

Please use the following Form:
Wolverhampton Fellowship Application Form

Fill out the Form, then send it along with the required documents to the following email:


Training Opportunities

Scholarship dept

Canada Flag

Specific Requirements:

MCCEE for all Residency and Subspecialty Residency Programs
MCCEE for Fellowship applications at McGill University, University of Manitoba and Dalhousie University

Proof of English Proficiency (IELTS of 7.0 in each component or TOEFL of at least 24 in each component) for University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary and University of Manitoba

* Of note, TOEFL will no longer be accepted for 2018 applications

For Dalhousie University and University of Ottawa, a letter indicating that the medium of instruction during MD is English is used in the absence of IELTS or TOEFL

 Canadian Universities:

1.Dalhousie University
2.University of Toronto
3.University of Western Ontario
4.McMaster University
5.University of Manitoba
6.McGill University
7.University of Alberta
8.University of Ottawa
9.University of Calgary
10.University of British Columbia
11.Queen's University


Specific Requirements:

IELTS of 7.5 for GMC Registration (7 in each component)
Completion of Training at OMSB
MRCP or equivalent

British Institutions:

1.Royal College of Physicians, London
2.Institute of Head & Neck Studies and Education
3.University Hospitals Birmingham
4.College of Emergency Medicine



Specific Requirement:

IELTS of at least 6.5 in each component with overall score of 7.0

The Republic of Ireland Institutions:

1.Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
2.College of Anaesthetists of Ireland

3. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


Specific Requirements:

USMLE Steps 1 and 2 for Residency
USMLE Steps 1 to 3 for Fellowship

American Institutions:

1.University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
2.University Hospitals Case Medical Center
3.University of Nebraska Medical Center


Specific Requirements:

IELTS (7 in each component) or OET Grade A or B
AMC Examination (Depending on the Institutions)

Australian Institutions:

1.Hunter New England Area Health Service
2.Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia
3.Sydney Children’s Hospital

Updated on 5 August 2018

Training Abroad Booklet



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