Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية

Educational Programs

Program Academic Activities


1.  Education Committee Meetings  Scheduled every month
2.  Sub-Committee Meetings  Scheduled once every two months or depends on the urgency and needs
3.  Examinations:
 a. OMSB Part 1  23rd  July 2016
 b. End of Year Examinations  16th July 2016 
 c. American In-Training Examination  22nd February 2016
 d. Arab Board Part 1   3rd  April 2016
 e. Arab Board Part 2  30th  April-1st May 2016
4.  Workshop/Courses/Conferences  
 a. GCC Dermatology Conference  To be announced
 b. Dubai Derma (Pre-Conference and Conference)  8th -14th  April 2016
 c. Jeddah Derma (Pre-Conference and Conference)  To be announced
 d. Skin Surgery Skills  To be announced
 e. Yearly National Conference in Al Nahdha Hospital  Muscat Derm-1 Conference  To be announced
5.  Sixth-Monthly/Annual Evaluations  Middle and End of Academic Year
6.  Specialty Research Day  To be announced
7.  Full day teaching  Every Monday
8.  Retreat Day  March 2016